Invitation to Merchants to Participate in National Caribbean-American Restaurant Week – June 12-18, 2022

Dear Merchant: 

During  June,  National Caribbean-American Heritage Month , you’re  invited to participate in the 2022  National Caribbean-American Restaurant Week  (NCARW) Campaign  to restore the health of  Caribbean-American  food  establishments to pre-pandemic levels.

 Customers  will be encouraged to enjoy Caribbean foods and frequent your establishment to take advantage of special promotions and fixed price offerings.

How will this Campaign be promoted?  NCARW’s   non-profit sponsors below will use a wide array  of efforts such as  kick-off events with elected officials, newsletters, restaurant trails, and  traditional and social media promotions to bring attention to this Campaign.

How can you participate to make this Campaign successful?

  • Offer a special dish or menu during NCARW 2022  or  a special priced   $7  and/or $19.99 promotional special  which will be incorporated into the Campaign.
  • Inform your customers and the community of the Campaign using  social media and other  efforts, incorporating flyers, posters and other materials provided to you in the Campaign.
  • Register your business at http://www.dehabroad .org, which  allows potential customers to search for your establishment.
  • Join  Caribbean foodies and food establishments at sign-up and to share and keep abreast of  Caribbean cuisine happenings.

Let’s  bring  attention to our  “world-of-flavor” Caribbean brand which is without  comparison.

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