NCAFFA-WMA is focused on providing the following services:


  • Partnering with government agencies and other organizations to educate entrepreneurs as to regulatory compliance, customer service training, planning, financing and certification, promotion of and expansion of business activities, product development, placement and marketing.
  • Connecting entrepreneurs and businesses with sources of support including on-site confidential small business counseling services.
  • Establishing partnerships with other NCAFFA members and with other businesses
  • Providing informational exchange and promotions through seminars, workshops and meetings, involving entrepreneurs and speakers from the public and private sectors, business and community leaders, corporate partners and NCAFFA members.
  • Serving as a resource for Caribbean-American food businesses and other related products and services.
  • Serving to provide recognition of accomplishments of members and Caribbean food businesses, culinary professionals and other Caribbean professionals.
  • Partnering in conducting culinary excursions to the Caribbean targeting products and product markets of interest.
  • Providing assistance to aspiring culinary students to expand and build on Caribbean culinary traditions.
  • Promoting healthy eating traditions in the Caribbean-American community.

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